Artist’s Statement

I truly love the craft of ceramics, in fact, it consumes most of my waking hours. I am always thinking about future projects, what they will look like, what they will communicate, who will see them and in what context. I hope my work will serve as a vehicle to help people gain an appreciation of the world I love, as I see it.

Many people approach ceramics in the context of throwing pots. While this is a part of clay, it is literally and figuratively only the beginning. Ceramics is an ancient process, practiced by the earliest variations of ourselves. Cave people painted walls and discovered vitrified clay around their fire pits. Eventually, they came to the realization that the clay could be formed before it was exposed to the fire. From this knowledge sprang ceremonial figures as well as functional ware. Thousands of years flew by, and along the way, millions of minds touched this primal element. Individual people learned from each other, then built upon the knowledge of their forebears. The practice of craft and design grew through the ages into an amazing heritage that spans all cultures.

In the modern world, thanks to the Internet, it is relatively easy to tap into this deep well of information and find an individual path to explore and make your own. From this, individuals can find and develop their best expression of their personal artistic voice. This is what I share with my students. It is truly an amazing place to be.

— Martha Gene Grattan